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lifts cranes to a new level

Functions tuned to the area of application and crane operators, intuitive ease of use and a modern information and configuration interface.


Travel and hoist profiles

Travel profiles can be used to adapt ABUS cranes to your circumstances. Cranes with two fixed speeds move in a completely different way to cranes controlled by frequency converter, for example. Travel and hoist profiles allow cranes to be adapted to your current or required situation. This means your crane operators no longer have to adjust existing cranes and perceive the increased productivity of an additional crane system.


Sway control

The ABUS sway control increases safety and convenience during transportation of goods in sensitive areas. Sway control is based on mathematical calculations. Travel speeds, acceleration and deceleration of crane and hoist, the hook position and length of the load lifting attachment are taken into account. Even people who rarely operate cranes can transport loads safely with the aid of the sway control feature.


Synchronisation control

The ABUS synchronisation control of two hoists on one crane makes the safe handling of long products possible. Divergence of lifting speeds is prevented effectively through constant regulation even where different wire rope hoists are used. This requires the crane to be equipped with a frequency converter for lifting. Travel speeds are regulated even on cranes which run in tandem. Two cranes, maximum of four hoists and their hoisting motions, all regulated.

Ease of service


Operating data, settings, service information. Thanks to the modern KranOS interface, you can keep tabs on the crane. For wireless use with any laptop or tablet with browser. Speeding up regular annual inspections into the bargain.

Modular and insert- able standard components

ABUControl relies on tried-and-trusted freely available components from renowned electronics manufacturers. Replacement or repair requires neither ‘specialist knowledge’ nor ‘software licences’. You remain in complete control of the crane at all times and have a free choice of service partner. ABUControl – a unique promise for simple maintenance and repairs.

Žeriavová technika založená na štandardných komponentoch.