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The freedom you need

ABURemote gives you the freedom you need when transporting heavy loads. The load can be moved from the safest available standing position which offers the best overview. The ‘ABURemote Button’ allows the operator to do this even with a single hand.


menu guidance

Even with its many functions, you will familiarise yourself quickly with ABURemote. The intuitively designed menu allows you to quickly access your crane functions. Four function buttons can be assigned individually to the commands you frequently need.


to radio frequency interference

ABURemote automatically communicates on available radio channels with your crane and is the refore very interference-resistant. Consequently all commands are processed into the requested action.



With the Radio Remote Control ‘ABURemote Button’, which is specially designed for optimised ergonomics, you can operate your crane with a single hand. Thanks to large command buttons facilitating easy access to the finely adjusted pressure points, your hand will not tire even during continuous operation.



Via the backlit display, data on chosen settings, active cranes and hoists, radio signal strength and battery charge is shown. The user recognizes the operating status of the crane system at a glance by the colours in the display. And – if a load indicator system has been installed – the weight of the load on the hook is displayed in gross or net form if required.

Battery charging

very straightforward

Charging the batteries is child’s play: Simply place the transmitter in the supplied charging cradle and the batteries in the transmitter will be charged by induction. Removal of the batteries is not required. The protective bag, wrist strap or shoulder strap also remain on the transmitter when charging. During charging, the transmitter automatically switches to stand-by mode and displays the progress of the charging process. The charging cradle can either stand on a surface or be mounted vertically on a wall. The accessories for wall mounting are included. It could not be more straightforward.

Standard rechargeable batteries

Mignon (AA)

Forget expensive and complex replacement of special batteries. ABURemote works with standard rechargeable batteries with a charge life of more than 40 hours. Replacement rechargeable batteries may be carried in the waist harness of the Radio Remote Control ‘ABURemote Joystick’, meaning the batteries can be changed on the spot.

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