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ABUS modular wire rope hoist

Technical Intelligence in top shape

The new wire rope hoist from ABUS impresses with its performance, service-friendliness, safety and convenience. And with its modern design. Simply moving.


Inductive load measurement

The modular ABUS wire rope hoists cover the load capacity range up to 5.0 t. The trolley frame consists of bolted and compressed side walls. This innovative and patented type of connection from ABUS impresses with its high precision and stability.

The modular wire rope hoist is driven by a trolley travel motor operated with a frequency converter. The hoist drive has a 4-pole hoist motor with frequency converter control as standard. The lifting speed can be either infinitely adjustable or used to simulate pole switching. The maximum lifting speed is load-dependent and achieves double the nominal lifting speed when running empty. A patented inductive measurement technique guarantees the load measurement even when the hoist is at a standstill. The ABUS modular wire rope hoist has a modern, functional look, which is complemented by a very high-quality designer colour concept.


Sway control

The ABUS sway control increases safety and convenience during transportation of goods in sensitive areas. The sway control is based on mathematical calculations. Travel speeds, acceleration and deceleration of the trolley, the hook position and length of the load lifting attachment are taken into account. Even persons who rarely operate cranes can transport loads more safely with the aid of the sway control feature.


Modularity and plug-and-play design

The reeving of the wire rope hoist can be converted: from 4 fall (4/1) to 2 fall (2/1) and vice versa. This is of benefit if the operating conditions change or the wire rope hoist is to be sold. The conversion is quick and easy, since the deflection roller crosshead and the fixed point crosshead are mounted through a reliable bolt connection on the trolley frame and can be easily changed as required. The ABUS modular wire rope hoist is equipped with adjustable and cushion-mounted track guide rollers as standard and thus preserves the lower flange of the crane.

The convenient folding mechanism makes assembly of the wire rope hoist on the crane very simple. The switch cabinet of the wire rope hoist has a modular design: all components are plug-and-play and can be purchased on the open market from the production of well-known manufacturers – a huge service advantage!


Safety features

The modular wire rope hoist is equipped with an LED matrix display, which shows various operating information of the ABUControl crane control as well as the status reports of the crane components. Errors can thus be quickly and easily identified and eliminated. The LED display shows the characters with plenty of contrast and can be easily read.