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Overhead travelling cranes

ABUS travelling cranes, designed for handling loads up to 120 tonnes, are the ideal solution for heavy lifting and wide spans. The ABUS travelling crane range includes five series designed for different applications and operating conditions: single girder, double girder, underslung, single girder wall travelling cranes and single-girder semi-goliath crane.


The HB-System is one of the most successful developments in lifting and material handling technology, combining the effectiveness of a stationary hoist with the mobility of an overhead crane, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Jib Cranes

With the touch of a button, they can handle loads up to 6.3 tonnes precisely and effortlessly – whether mounted on their own pillars or on walls or columns. For loading machines, changing heavy tools or lifting workpieces onto tables for processing – with ABUS jib cranes, the lifting is easier, more efficient and safer.

Lightweight Mobile Gantry

With the ABUS lightweight mobile gantry, you can mobilize the lifting power of an ABUS electric chain hoist. The crane is designed for loads up to two tonnes and features four steerable stop rollers for easy handling. Lifting power is always available where you need it. Depending on the load capacity required, the maximum overall width is up to 7.9 m and the maximum overall height up to 5 m. If necessary, the ABUS lightweight mobile gantry is also easy to dismantle.

Wire Rope Hoists

ABUS GM electric wire rope hoists are produced using the most advanced technology available and continue to bear witness to their reliability, safety and durability year after year, from motor to rope, gearbox, brakes and electrical and electronic systems.

Electric Chain Hoists

In stationary installations, with push trolleys or electric trolleys, ABUS electric chain hoists have a number of extremely useful, user-oriented advantages. These include a very low headroom design for optimum utilisation of available space, a standard precision lifting speed for sensitive lifting and lowering operations and brake linings with a long service life. Under normal conditions, the unit can complete 1 million full-load braking operations before adjustment is required.

Crane Tracks

Part of our comprehensive supply are also compact crane runway brackets on buildings or built on poles or trolley tracks on the truss hall. Delivery includes an assessment of the foundations or design for a new crane tracks, mounting a new or existing structure (column, truss, construction). We carry out rectification of crane tracks including geodetic survey.

Components and accessories

Radio remote control, Cable festoon systems, Spring driven reels, Motor driven reels, Electric supply and ergonomic handling systems, Cables and accessories, Conductor rails, Slip ring assemblies, Buffer and bumpers